Studio Profile

After decades of design, project and team leadership at Stuart Silk Architects, principals Aaron Mollick and Michael Troyer have created their own firm, embodying a team of respectful, highly-talented, and passionate professionals. Studio AM Architecture & Interiors delivers familiar results with a new name. We understand our that our projects serve as the stage for many of life’s personal experiences and memories. In consideration of these personal relationships and endeavors, our name reflects this on a first name basis with a commitment to working together.

Values, Vision & Approach

Studio AM Architecture & Interiors is a Seattle-based full-service architectural firm specializing in high-caliber, custom residential design and interiors. Collaboration, creativity, and integrity are guiding principles behind our work. We believe that the success of our projects stems from a process of evaluation, exploration, critical thinking, and strong collective communication.

As a smaller, boutique firm with extensive experience, we are qualified and committed to educate and guide our clients through the process, from start to finish, emphasizing exceptional personal service to meet or exceed expectations. Each client is unique, and through our guiding principles, each project is a tailored process and unique expression.

From traditional to contemporary to transitional blended styles, each project reflects significant efforts. With the use of quality materials expressing thoughtful craftsmanship, the comprehensive analysis of the site and contextual conditions, and the incorporation of environmental responsibility, our designs embrace functionality and enduring timeless aesthetics.

Small or large, straightforward or complex, our experience and strong collaborative relationships with owners, consultants, contractors, artists and artisans will bring your project ideas to fruition.


Your home is more than just a house. Custom functional requirements, aesthetic personal preferences and a design and development process reflects Studio AM’s priority on collaboration with clients and related professionals. Our projects don’t just reflect an individual expression but include a tailored process of working together.


Each project is unique and offers an opportunity to explore and problem solve. Our extensive and collective experience helps provide understanding of the past and present, while the drive to innovate and improve aims for the future.


We understand our process results in a product, but we never lose sight we are a service industry. We value the process as much as the product and understand that without honesty and character, the results cannot be successful.